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This is site is for current and future publication of genealogical research on Speight, Eudy, Barbee, Harkey, Moose, Tucker, Honeycutt, Hinson, Harward, Meggs and related families from Stanly Co, NC. And Speight and related families from Hunt Co, TX and Kankakee Co, IL. And Davenport, Stephens, Boyles, Redman, Haymore, Vaughn, Reece, and related families from Surry and Stokes Cos, NC. And Martz, Dinius and related families from Huntington Co, IN and Montgomery, AL. And Russell, Auman, Cornelison, Pell, Overcash  and related families from Randolph and Montgomery Cos, NC. And Moseley, McKnight and related families from Surry Co, NC. And Wagner, Soltner and related families from York Co, PA. And Vaccari, Ferrando and related families from Argentina, Uruguay and Italy. And Stupak, Budzis and related families from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Slovakia and Poland. And Harris and related families from Granville Co, NC and Hopewell, VA. And Harms and related families from Illinois.

This site is always under construction.

This site was created as a place to connect me with others researching common family lines. Nothing here is copyrighted. There are some known errors and conflicts in the data you'll find here. I've cross-checked what I can. If you find those errors or differences or conflicts, please drop me some e-mail with the change or correction. I've "stood on the shoulders of giants", so to speak. Please Meet My Giants But I accept responsibility for any errors in these data. My documentation needs improvement and I'm working on that little by little. Please, do not ask me for "proof" of anything. Verify independently. Take a little, leave a little (via e-mail).

My own roots began in Virginia, North Carolina, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, France and England. For 15 years I did the usual original source document and oral family history research. I helped a cousin assemble data for a "begats" book on my father's line. Then nothing. Since late summer of 1997 I've discovered surfing the web for family, and the data and connections have exploded.

I am grateful to a lot of people who have shared their data and especially to those who have helped unravel some genealogical knots. People who do this sort of thing for the enjoyment of it help create a much-needed sense of community. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Names on my father's side include Speight, Eudy, Barbee, Harward/Harwood, Hinson, Harkey, Sides, Moose, Teeter, McLester, Honeycutt, Hatley, Bowers, Rye, Strickland (maybe), Harwell (maybe), Lipe, Tucker, and more.

Names on my mother's side include Davenport (adoptive), Stephens, Redman/Redmon/Redmond, Boyles, Haymore, Flynt, Hall, Carter, Walters, Spainhour, Schauss/Shouse, Volck/Fulk, Fessler, East, Vaughn (adoptive), and more.  

Some of my "most wanted persons" are found at:

Some early (pre-1850) Speight history in North Carolina and South Carolina can be found at:

If you want to share with others your speculations or theories regarding how your Speights are related to others, I'll be glad to post it here with other speculations. Perhaps someone will get an insight from your ideas.

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My Father:                  Robert Maxton Speight (1914-1999)

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